Nathan Greenwood,

Nathan is a passionate foodie, avid home cook, and a lover of seasonal, sustainable eats. Half a dozen kinds of sea salt typically grace his pantry and a collection of single-origin chocolates his shelf. He loves to taste fine wine, beer, and spirits and then create delicious food pairings with them. Some of his favorite foods to cook are slow-cooked beans and homemade bread. When he’s not exploring the world of food you might find him playing music or enjoying the challenge of a cross-training workout.

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Black Walnut Winery Fire and Wine Festival Wine

“I understand that about 500,000 years ago man learned to control fire, and about 4,000 years ago man learned how to ferment sugars and make alcohol. We figured … why not bring the two together?” This is what Lance Castle said right before the Sadsburyville Fire Company set one of the most impressive bonfires you […]


For those of you not familiar with it, Byrsa Bistro has been serving up inspired Western Mediterranean cuisine in the heart of Kennett Square since 2011. A visit to this charming BYOB makes it easy to see owner Ahmed Chraga’s passion for sharing great food. The menu features the best ingredients sourced both locally and […]


The art of preparing a cocktail is a true craft, and it’s one that has been seeing an enormous resurgence in popularity. With all the fuss, many enthusiasts yearn to create their own hip cocktails right at home. But where to start? Why not start with the best? Enter Sovana Bistro and their “Art of […]