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About America's Pie

America's Pie is focused on bringing great pizza, sandwiches, salads, and from-scratch soups to the people. They are located in the Cambridge Square Shopping Center on Gay Street, across the parking lot from Rita's Water Ice. Order up one of their signature combinations or opt for one of their daily, new specials — always a choice for all taste buds and preferences!
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Latest Reviews

  • It is Friday night and I just got back with my order. Good pizza but not worth the wait. I ordered and paid online. Was told my pizza would be ready for pickup in 45 minutes. When I got there I had to wait an additional 40 minutes. I won’t go back again.

  • Terry Boate said:

    Where have I been? This pizza is excellent. Try the upside down…the best. I heard the sandwiches were awesome as well.

  • Tried their pizza this weekend for the first time based on the below reviews. Was disappointed when we got home and had a pie that was not fully cooked.

  • Best pizza place in Chester County for sure! The entire menu won’t disappoint! The staff are awesome too! Try it! You will be hooked!

  • Best pizza in Chester County! The closest thing to New York and Philly corner store Pizzerias. So good!

  • Love this place. At work we order it atleast once a week!!

  • Best around!! Pizza sauce is awesome and crust the best.

  • Michael Porte said:

    I ordered a chicken cheesesteak not a chicken sandwich posing as a cheesesteak made with chicken from lunch ummm yummy old rubbery chicken just what I think of when I think chicken cheesesteak !!!!

  • after not being able to get in touch with my usual pizza place last night, i decided to give America’s Pie a shot. WOW. i was VERY impressed. the sauce is unbelievable, the cheese was fantastic and not greasy, and the crust was perfect. my four year-old kept saying it was the best pizza she’s ever had. looks like we may have a new favorite place!

  • Finally an all around best pizza in West Chester for our family. The sauce is fantastic!

  • The upside down pie is the BOMB!

  • One of the best places to eat in WC. We’ve been hooked since they opened. Highly recommended for salad lovers, sandwich lovers and pizza lovers!!!

  • This place is legit. The pizza is great, the sandwiches are tasty and the overall selection is top notch. You can tell the take pride in the food and the service. I highly recommend America’s Pie. Give it a try and I am sure you will feel the same way.

  • We live right around the corner from America’s Pie and go there fairly frequently. Last night we had the New Orleans pizza – so good!!! – and onion rings. Everyone thing is consistently delicious and fairly priced. Would definitely highly recommend America’s Pie to anyone.

  • Definitely the best pizza in town. Love the upside down pie!

  • Delicious, high-quality pizza joint. May just be the best in West Chester. Specialty sandwiches are unique and come on some of the best sesame rolls I have ever had. $2 large slices are a great deal. The Upside Down Pizza is the BEST PIZZA IN WEST CHESTER! Their sauce is outstanding compared to the rest of the slop you’ll find in Chester Co.

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