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  • Suzanne Cedrone said:

    I just tasted a cake pop at the Malvern Fashion Show yesterday. It was EXCELLENT! The cake was so moist! I have never been to the shop, but will definitely plan on having these at a party soon.

  • I was told about Cakes and Candies from my sister-in-law. I had already had some of her cake at a birthday party, and it was delicious! For my son’s birthday we decided to go with Maryellen. We had to cancel our party at the last minute and we figured we would freeze the cake until the next week for his birthday. Maryellen wouldn’t allow this, so she made another cake for our son- free of charge!!! I am still amazed at the kindness that she showed, and there are so few business that treat their customers this way. Even though we live far away from her business, I can absolutely guarantee that she has a customer for life with our family!!!

  • The cake pops are amazing! The first time I had them was at the Chester Co Food Fest, and was pleasantly surprised. This is just what the West Chester area needed. I would say stick with the classic flavors and you won’t be disappointed.

  • Our son’s birthday invitation had a gumball machine and gumballs in the background. I asked Maryellen to copy it as best she could. It was nothing short of amazing. The top was the gumball machine and she covered the sides with live gumballs. Everyone loved the cake (and the gumballs too!)

  • I ordered Maryellen’s petite cupcakes for an office meeting and they were a huge hit. I also tried her cake pops which I brought to my nephews birthday party, in addition to a custom cake I bought at Maryellen’s. Both kids and adults were enjoying the cake pops and cake. The only regret I had, was not ordering more cake pops for the party.

  • We love Maryellen’s cakes, excellant quality and fantastic taste. You can trust that they will be a hit at a special event or family gathering.

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