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About Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

Casual, upscale and distinctive, Iron Hill serves New American cuisine and award-winning handcrafted ales and lagers. All served in a rich mahogany setting with vaulted copper ceilings, open kitchen and an on-site brewery.

Entertainment is offered on Thursday and Friday.

Iron Hill is located at the corner of Gay and High Streets in the heart of historic downtown West Chester. It’s become the meeting place for visitors and locals alike. The building has undergone an extensive historic restoration where you’ll find the original maple floor and tin ceiling. The result is an atmosphere that reflects West Chester’s rich heritage.

Free (validated) parking is located at the parking garage on the corner of Chestnut and Walnut Streets on weekdays. On-street metered parking is free after 5:00 weekdays and free all weekend at meters and parking garages.

WC Dish Recommends: Hummus platter, nachos (piled high with quality ingredients- excellent guac), Raspberry Wheat beer, any of their pizzas and unique seasonal entrees.

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Latest Reviews

  • Recently had dinner w/family. Food and service was fair to good. Drinks were problematic. Various beers and root beer seemed diluted/flat. Beer offerings have nothing on Victory. The dining area where we sat, back booth area on east wall, needs some maintenance/housekeeping. Food particles/liquids on booth wall from past diners was off-putting, gross. Not to mention gouge is wall itself that was haphazardly repaired. Devil is in the details.

  • Popped in for lunch yesterday. Service was great (timing was a bit odd), food was great, ale was great. BTW, we had three Ukrainian dignitaries in tow….one of whom is the biggest TV game show host in eastern Europe. Trust me, he can be a fussbudget, but cleared his plate with compliments…..and was very pleased

  • We love the food and service at Iron Hill—and also visit many other W. C. restaurants. My gripe…when did the f-bomb become socially fashionable to use loudly in public. You cannot sit at a bar or table in West Chester without the vocabulary-challenged reaching for the f-bomb…for everyone to hear! Waitresses and Bartenders seem oblivious…

  • Thanks again to iron hill for always being open in the storm blizzard mess …..

  • Iron Hill brewery support it or loose it, how many other establishments brew their own beer.Its not about the food. although its perfectly adequate and of extremly good quality and value 10 out 10 an exceptional place to spend some time of the day at every day

  • The parking, while dreadful is one of the best things you can say about Iron Hill any more. It's beer selection is limited to their own creations. Their appetizers you would find at any national chain restaurant. Their main courses are mundane and their preparation and presentation well below average. Some of the chef's signature dishes include the likes of cheese and sausage – something you might find at your neighborhood poker game. Iron Hill lost its lustre as soon as new restaurants started opening up in town, they did not change or adapt and the dwindling crowds are quite evident. Try to get in on a Friday night elsewhere might be an issue but no longer at Iron Hill. Something needs to change, new chef, new menu or else I forsee that space being bought out by one of the big national chains – which at this point might not be a bad thing.

  • The beer here while OK, does not make up for the terrible food, selection and preparation. There are so many other great restaurants in town and Iron Hill has fallen quite far behind. The only good news is that on peak nights it is always easy to get an available table because most people have discovered the great food elsewhere. The chef along with his "signature" dishes have grown quite tiresome. It is a good place to have a drink and wait for other places to open up. If you a thirsty for a good brew, head over to the newly renovated Victory Brewing of Downingtown.

  • As far as the food goes, Iron Hill is an all-around crowd pleaser. I think their beer has a slight aftertaste of cough syrup. The Anvil Ale is good. The Raspberry Ale tastes like Robotussin.

  • Swedish Chef said:

    Iron is great. Very diverse menu and reasonably priced for the quality of the food. Their standard beers intermixed with their seasonal brews are outstanding. I highly suggest joining the Mug Club which gets you a 20oz mug (which looks super cool) for the price of a pint as well as other rewards. They used to have Quizzo on Monday nights as well and it was great…Go "Party in my Smarty Pants!"

  • I've eaten at Iron Hill dozens of times and have yet to be disappointed. You can't go wrong with Iron Hill especially when entertaining guests with varied tastes and ages.

    They have perhaps the most diverse menu I've ever seen – meeting every possible craving from nachos to salads to pizza to more upscale entrees.

    A sure thing every time!

  • Nice place for lunch or dinner outside. Food above average for a brewpub, and service is always first-class. Pulled Pork Sandwich is excellent, and the soups are great. Try the cheesesteak eggroll appetizer!

  • I agree with BBQB: I've never had a problem with the beer, especially the cask-conditioned selections which are well worth the extra price. It's not Victory, Stoudt's, or Lancaster Brewing Company (one of my personal favorite places), but it's still very palatable.

    The food is beyond good. Their pork bbq sandwich rivals some of my favorite places down South. One thing I miss (maybe it's back on the menu?) is the brewmaster's lunch: It was three or 4 kinds of 'wurst (knockwurst, bratwurst, etc), three different types of mustard, and some wedges of cheese.

  • I was surprised to read that some people feel that the beer is inconsistent. I like their Ironbound Ale so much I've made it part of my food pyramid. And their seasonal hefeweizen rivals those in Germany. Smoke free, decent food, great staff, excellent beer.
    Does anyone know what the deal was with the biergarten this year? $5 for a 10oz beer?

  • Well, food-wise very tasty. Nachos rule here, burgers good not amazing, typical good bar fare. The beer is another story. I have tried and tried for years and still the only consistently drinkable stuff is the pig iron porter. Whippet had it right on the money – Victory beer and their food.

  • I am so glad that Iron Hill is finally smoke free. This is a great family place with reliable food. Though it's not haute cuisine, they do make an attempt to offer upscale specials.

    This is probably the best place in town to take the kids. I love that the servers know to get the kids' orders in FAST and served fast, while the adults can eat at a more leisurely pace. Another nicety about eating here with the kids: the children's meal comes with dessert, so while the kids are eating their dessert, the adults can enjoy finishing their dinner. It's such a simple thing, but as they say, timing is everything. Being able to enjoy your dinner when dining with kids is a small miracle, and Iron Hill does it better than any other place in town, hands down.

  • I only lived in West Chester for six months, but I must have had the hummas plate and nachos 20 times! Both dishes are amazing as appetizers to share with friends or evan as your meal.

    Sure, West Chester has dozens of amazing places to eat, but if is ain't broke don't fix it.

    Final Dish: A great place for your weekly nacho fix as well as the perfect place to take visiting family and friends!

  • Now if we could only get Victory Brewing to serve Iron Hill food and Iron Hill to serve Victory beer we would have the best Brew House on the East Coast (possibly the country).

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