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  • Kaleb Walters said:

    Love this place. The BAKEWICHES are so good. These other reviews seem like disgruntled employees or maybe competitors. They have 3,000 Facebook likes more then any other place in West Chester. They must be doing something right lol. They’ve been in business for 12 years. Check out their Facebook page. Their pizza is really good too

  • close down. asap. no one goes there anymore. joey and simon ruined it all.

  • My friend ordered food there for delivery. It was two hours late and she had to physically go to the store to pick it up. This was after calling several times and having them tell her “It’s on the way.” Once she got there to get her food the manager asked her if she “wanted to fight someone tonight.” Highly unprofessional and par for the course for Pizza U.

  • My friend and I stopped in and purchased a large peperoni pizza. We received the pizza within 15 minutes. We ate two slices there. The pizza is tasty, it’s just a little on the greasy side. I brought home the rest and put the slices into a zip lock bag, and put them into my freezer. Two days later I heated up a slice in the microwave and when I cut into the slice I discovered a COCKROACH! I contacted the Health Department. They said they will be investigating my complaint. A week later, I heard back from the Health Department. Sure enough she found COCKROACHES in plain daylight. She was not surprised about the complaint. They had been fined many times before and would ignore them, until they were forced by a judge to make good. They were even shut down briefly for violations. The bottom line is, they just do not seem to care. Until someone gets really sick, I guess it’s business as usual.

  • Bottom Line is…..this place sucks. Go somewhere else. There are plenty of Good Pizza Shops in the Area. I will never give these idiots another cent.

  • Michelle Ortner said:

    I ordered two strombolis from Pizza University and as I began to eat, I found a hair in my food. My roommate, who had just come back from the restaurant, witnessed a blonde girl, in a pink hollister shirt and driving a yellow jeep, go back and forth from smoking a cigarette outside and then proceeding to go inside and touch the food then go back out and finish her cigarette. I called Pizza University to complain that I had found the blonde hair in my food and he proceeded to fight with me that no such person worked there and that I would not receive my money back unless I gave the strombolis back. I explained to him many times that I had been a devoted costumer for over 3 years and he still continued to call me a liar and threaten to call the cops on me, for some unknown reason.

  • worst service ever. half of the time the food doesnt even get there on time, or even get there at all. crappy quality food and rude workers… no wonder the food is so cheap..YOU NEVER GET IT!

  • Pizza U is great and the manager Laura is sooooo hot! The driver tommy is quite entertaining as well.

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